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High Resolution Cutie Mark
Commission - Spring Blossom Cutie Mark by FuyusFox
Commission - Ringtone Cutie Mark by FuyusFox
Commission - Hemera's Cutie Mark by FuyusFox
A large file of your pony's cutie mark at 400 resolution for your own personal use.  
Chibi Sketch
A small chibi sketched out of any character you wish.  
(Examples to be added later.)
Bust Sketch
Human Pokemon Bust - Weavile by FuyusFox
Human Pokemon Bust - Ampharos by FuyusFox
A shoulders up sketch of any character you desire.
Colored Bust
Fighting Tournament - Wryn by FuyusFox
Fighting Tournament - Kern by FuyusFox
Commission - Angelic Grace Bust by FuyusFox
A flat-colored bust picture of any character of your choosing.  (Comes with Speedpaint on my Youtube channel.)
Full Body Sketch
Time for Adventure - Sketch by FuyusFox
Commission - Crack Child: Orion x Kat by FuyusFox
A sketch done of any character you wish.  With tones where needed/desired.
Full Body - Flat Color
Art Trade: Jayden by FuyusFox
Art Trade: Sapphire by FuyusFox
Art Trade: Wind Whisper by FuyusFox
Flat colored commission with or without lineart and minimal shading where needed. (Comes with Speedpaint on my Youtube channel.)
Full Body - Shaded
Commission - Destiny Resonance [Speedpaint Link!!] by FuyusFox
Art Trade: Stellar Radiance by FuyusFox
Commission - Lessi by FuyusFox
Full body commission of any character of your choosing with all shading.  (Comes with Speedpaint on my Youtube channel)
Rainbow Power
Commission - Rainbow Power Midnight Light by FuyusFox
Commission - Rainbow Power Ring Dash by FuyusFox
Commission - Rainbow Power Hemera by FuyusFox
A picture of your MLP character customized with my own Rainbow Power touches that are unique to each character.  
(Comes with Speedpaint on my Youtube channel.)
Commission - Sheepish Wings by FuyusFox
Commission - Splattered Wings [Video Link] by FuyusFox
Art Trade: Earthen Wings by FuyusFox
A picture of your MLP OC in my breezie style with their own personalized and detailed wings.  (Comes with Speedpaint on my Youtube channel.)
Come Sing Along with Me by FuyusFox
Phases of the Moon by FuyusFox
Commission - Flare by FuyusFox
Add a background to your picture.  :3
*this is just for a background to another commission on the list, not a full picture.





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Things to check out!

EDIT: okay, I uploaded this at midnight last night, so I was a bit tired and couldn't get the comments in that I would like.

After going through the entries along with a couple of my close friends we have figured out the winners!

Drawn Category

1st Place:-Contest Entry- A Day At The Circus (Video) by fyrewhisp by :iconfyrewhisp:
Myself and my friends all picked this one for a finalist.  It has an attempt at dynamic lighting as well as a unique style.  There were some discrepansies we had, but overall it's a nice piece that kept with the theme of the character.
2nd Place: Contest Entry - Welcome to the Circus by BrownieSurprise by :iconbrowniesurprise:
The overall feeling of this piece struck myself and a friend.  The style is very soft and it actually had a very nice feeling to it.
3rd Place Contest Entry: A Day at the Circus! by Bl00dyroses by :iconbl00dyroses:
This was one of my personal picks.  I honestly got touched that the person considered making it part of their cutie mark story.

Written Category

1st Place: Circus Memories (Contest Entry for FuyusFox)The stars shone down brightly upon the town below, now still and quiet in the dark velvet of the night. Only a few lights glowed here and there, warding back the darkness that enveloped the streets. Along one such street, a figure cloaked in shadow walked quietly, stopping here and there to peer into darkened shops.
Quite suddenly, the figure halted in a pool of lamplight. Fixed to a post in front of it was a large, vibrantly colourful flyer. The figure lifted its muzzle and peered silently at the poster for a moment.
“Hmm,” it spoke in a soft, melodious voice, like water trickling over stones. “Talent show…open to all. A circus…there will be many ponies there. A perfect place, yes. A place to remind them.”
The figure lifted its head to the sky and its hood fell back, revealing the pure-white face of a young unicorn mare, framed in a mane of many colours. Her eyes were pure white.
“Father, Mother, I shall show them, as you would have wished.
 by :iconelsatinuviel:
Overall this piece had the best grasp on what it wanted as well as a proper pacing and tone.
2nd Place: Contest: Strings of Fire“Mares and gentlecolts! We have a special performance from the beautiful mares, Silver Melody and Ri-Chu!”
The blue pegasus had just finished tuning her violin when Center Ring, the ringmaster of the circus, announced her debut. She trotted to the center of the circus, along with the Qi-Lin known as Ri-Chu. While Silver Melody waved to the onlooking crowd, she felt very nervous inside, especially with the Queen, Mother Nature, and her adopted son, Prince Mist Keeper, among the crowd. While Mother Nature looked onto Silver Melody with kindness, the Prince seemed bored. Even with all the fantastic performances before hers, Mist Keeper did not even crack a smile. From what she witnessed, even Swirly Whirl and Shivaree’s humorous performance did not even made the Prince giggle. Silver Melody wanted to impress the Prince and to put on a show for everypony at the circus.
Taking in a deep breath, she turned to Ri-Chu, “Ready?”
Ri-Chu gave her a simple nod and gav
 by :iconsilverstarstrike:
Though violin performances in a circus seemed strange to me the written piece was still well put together.
3rd Place: A Day at the Circus! - Fuyus Fox contest entry    I sat down and sighed. I had worked hard to get this position in the circus show and had gone and ruined it by breaking my leg.
"Im sorry WhirlWind." My older brother, Fleeter, sat down next to me on the worn out bench.
"Why can't I still perform! I use my wings!" I complained, spreading my large blue wings.
"What about the part of the act where you are on the ground?" Fleeter asked, "You can't exactly limp through that."
I sighed heavily and folded my wings. I stared at the ground, wishing I had healing powers.
I groaned again and tried to get up. "Nooo no, let me help." My brother said, and attempted to put me on his back.
"Fleeter!" I snapped, "I'm not a baby." I flapped up into the air, "Wings remember?"
Fleeter just glared at me, typical brother. "How 'bout we see who took your place?" He suggested gruffly.
I shrugged, "Why not?"
We headed into the main tent. The show had just begun and my act was second so w
 by :iconanimal983:
This was a nice short story.  I liked it!!

Honorable Mentions
I still liked these, but unfortunately they just didn't make the final cut.  They will still be receiving a small sketch from me.
[Contest Entry] A Private Performance by Caldercloud by :iconcaldercloud:
The idea of combining the talents as well as just the piece overall was something I enjoyed.
A night out (a contest submission for FuyusFox) by Lappel-DuVide by :iconlappel-duvide:
The attempt at dynamic lighting impressed us.  There were some issues with had with how it was done, but the piece is still very good.
Fuyu Circus by NaviSahdowGurl by :iconnavisahdowgurl:
Honestly I just really like this one.
A day at the circus  by ZzRaymanSniperzZ by :iconzzraymansniperzz:
I like the combination of fire and water.
Day Breaker's Circus Talent
Contest entry For :fuyusfox:
Trotting into the circus Silent Night,The black Unicorn Her good friend, Day breaker the Pegasi made their way past multiple tents ,Encircling the others. A grin formed on the white Mare's mouth as she trotted forward with a excitable laugh.
"Oh silent night,Can you believe we bumped into Midnight fairytale just yesterday?" She asked swishing her long tail in a long forming anticipation,Her eyes finding the purple unicorn in a matter of seconds.
"Ahh yes,Midnight fairytale and her magic Tricks,When will you get over it my dear,She's just another mare like us." The older Female snorted in resentment ,Personally jealous some young filly only had to do a couple tricks for her usually stubborn friend to want to meet her.
Day breaker dismissed the hatred in her friend's ivory eyes,Flicking her ears forwards as she trotted past and before the young Unicorn,Who cocked her head with a Smile.
"Day breaker,Silent Night, Nice to see you could make it." She said in
 by :iconwarrior-art11:
Overall a nice piece, but there were some errors.  And PLEASE give the comma key a break next time.
Written Contest Entry for FuyusfoxThis is for Fuyusfox's contest. I will also be making a drawing entry. Begin!
As Dark Heart, Sky Note, and Speed Racer trotted through Sumare, Dark noticed a large tent with bright colors.She gasped,"Look! Over there! Do you know what this means?" Both colts,one sibling, and one she still liked, were in confusion. "What does what mean?" Speed Racer asked, getting excited."Wow."She made a face, signaling Speed of his dumbness. "Oh... I get it. There's a circus tent over there!" Sky Note finally realized. "Well, at least we have ONE smart pony.."Dark would tease her brother, Speed Racer. He only blushed at it, feeling weird having to be teased by a mare. Dark then giggled at it.
As they flew over, they noticed it wasn't far. As for Dark, though... she felt it was. "How long have we been flying for?" Dark yawned. She chose not to sleep last night.
"Not very long..." Sky Note replied. "That's what you get for staying up the whole night!" He laughed at her, followed by Speed Racer. "Hey,
 by :icondiamondheartoc:
This one was a cute little story, unfortunately it didn't have enough of an impact.

I will add more later, but I just wanted to get these up for all of you.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those who won.

And once again, if you would like a critique on your entry feel free to ask.
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Commission and Art Trade Status Window!

Commission Information:


1. Private Commission:
3 Pictures
1. Started Linework
2. Sketched
3. Sketched
2. :iconoracleforhire:
(on hold)

3. :iconandromon1217:
4 Colored Pictures
1. Sketched
2. Sketched
3. Sketched
4. Sketched
4. :iconmlpxcarbondesigns:
1 Rainbow Power
5. :iconthedudegamer:
1 Rainbow Power
6. :iconpancake222:
1 Rainbow Power
8. :iconseekerofdestiny:
1 Cutie Mark

If you have any questions about any of these just send me a note. :3

And my personal projects that I'll slowly be working through between commissions:

Rainbow Power:
Octavia: Sketched

"Guiding Light"
"Broken Bonds"
"Protectors" (FNAF)
"The Elements" (AT)

If I were to do a stream where myself and my friends critique either pictures or characters would anyone be interested? 

125 deviants said Yeah.
40 deviants said I would, but I don't want it to be harsh.
9 deviants said I'm indifferent.
2 deviants said Nope.


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